Dating springfield armory 1911

09-Jul-2020 02:22

The micrometer features crisp, easy-to-read engravings and may be locked in place when set.

Easily accommodates cases from 22 Hornet to 416 Rigby.

you probably have a Springfield slide on your 1911 causing you to think it's a Springfield.

Not unusual for 45's to have the wrong slide.............

When trimming cases shorter than 1.3” such as pistol cases, the use of a spacer (part number WX11) is necessary.

Completing the Sinclair Stainless Ultimate Trimmer is our Sinclair Mounting Stand with Shark Fin Clamp.

Wilson Case Holders hold the case square to the cutter face for trimming as well as inside neck reaming, case mouth deburring, and military crimp removal.

Standard Rifle Case Holders Holds the case securely on the body taper.

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Once you have the trimmer set up and get a rhythm going, you can easily maintain a pace of 8-10 cases per minute – a joy to use!

This system makes easy work of installing and removing your trimmer case holder in a smooth “swing-arm” motion.

The Shark Fin trimmer clamp secures the case head firmly against the micrometer adjustment head for a quick and accurate, chatter-free trim.

If you wish to supply the serial number, I can look up the date of manufacture for you.

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The serial numbers for the Springfield trapdoor rifles and carbines are in the general domain for people to find.some popular brand weapons can be looked up for date of manufacture using the brand name, model and serial number. military pistols, M1 garands, springfield rifles................................... To locate the correct serial number for manufacturing purposes, look on the back panel or the motherboard. æThe serial number is a series of numbers and letters.