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29-Sep-2020 02:06

However, few environmental factors have been consistently associated with multiple sclerosis in epidemiological studies.

Cigarette smoking is one of those factors: compared with non-smokers, smokers had a 40–80% increased risk of multiple sclerosis in the four previously conducted prospective studies (all restricted to women) (Villard-Mackintosh and Vessey, 1993; Thorogood and Hannaford, 1998; Hernán ., 2001).

I highly recommend chantix if you've tried other smoking cessation products. Smoke is particulate material and it settles on clothes and skin.

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Also the smell is very disgusting, and it makes everything stink, their clothes, their hair, their hands.

Maybe there is a correlation, maybe there isn't. I never smoked apart from a few odd cigarettes at parties.