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Many entrepreneurs have been influenced by Ayn Rand’s novels to push for more entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s problems.It sounds to me like Wozniak might be a bit of an Atlas Shrugged fan himself.But “other people” are secondary values no matter what, so finding someone is not a priority for me. Trying to find the man or woman of your dreams through the virtual world? Men have constantly fought and died in the war for equality throughout the centuries.I have found very few women that have not already been beaten down to a flimsy, irrational, empty pulp.I have changed many girls’ lives, but no one has blown me away yet.People see me as a socially inept loner because I tend to avoid superficial conversation but actually I love talking to people who like to think (the problem being I don’t know very many). If you’ve seen the meatbot, the walking automaton, the pod-people, the dense, glazy-eyed substrate through which living organisms such as myself must escape to reach air and sunlight.

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Rob, I am interested in meeting someone that truly embodies the values and virtues of Objectivism.

Well, Atlas Shrugged might’ve been one of them that he mentioned back then.

But they were his guides in life as to how you make a difference in the world. You build products and you gotta make your profit, and that allows you to invest the profit and then make better products that make more profit.

I would say, how good a company is, it’s fair to measure it by its profitability.

If true, of course, Steve Jobs certainly wouldn’t be alone.

I never “hook-up” randomly, I never kiss a girl that doesn’t deserve mine.