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22-May-2020 18:18

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He is afraid of monkeys, insects, and many other things, though his fears fluctuate as the series progresses as Ron matures.During the series, Ron demonstrates several talents which include being a chef, controlling his mystical monkey powers to a degree, and even sneaking into villains lairs'.He serves as Kim's sidekick whenever they go on missions.

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She has a mystical destiny, for which Ron is supposed to train her.She has also completed missions with Wade, Monique, her brothers, and even her mother.In season four, Kim and Ron end up developing romantic feelings for each other and begin dating during their senior year.He owns a pet naked mole-rat named Rufus who is also best friends with Ron and Kim and often helps them on their missions.

His favorite restaurant is Bueno Nacho and he is the creator of the "Naco", which is a combination of nachos and a taco.In the movie, So The Drama, Ron realizes he has romantic feelings toward Kim and later confesses them to her.

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