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07-Mar-2020 04:53

Parts are priced according to the "potential value" of the unit they can be applicable to (meaning the amount WE would be willing to pay for the part if that was all that was standing between us having a "shelved unit" or a valuable / sellable unit), time to extract, their rarity & their condition to name a few criteria and likely will be completely unrelated to the original cost / price of a part when it was currently available from the manufacturer.

; We get a number of requests for 'photos' of a specific part.

Some circuit boards may have 'tired' "landing / solder pads" which can require 'jumpers'.

Unless noted, circuit boards will be 'crack / split / break' free.

Most of these components are "take-outs" from working speaker cabinets and unless otherwise noted are in Good Cond. Where necessary foam surrounds have been replaced and / or speaker has been professionally and correctly re-coned!

The above 1958 Jensen P10R 's are original speakers. Currently had some wood residue on each from the paint sticking when they were originally mounted.

Yes the weight will be less, but most of items that size are calculated on 'dimensional weight', not actual weight so are commonly just as expensive as shipping a 'complete unit'.

While we don't sell parts that are 'known' to be bad, occasionally parts will need further adjustment, cleaning, 'tweaking', or in the case of circuit boards, may need old, conductive glue / epoxy further cleaned, and some 'common' parts / components replaced due to 'green / black / furry' legs, or because those parts were marked as 'sold separately'.

Here's the specs from the new re-issues which are comparable. Easy to remove if you decide to use the mounting flanges.

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