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Don’t let the boss decree the values for everyone else.

In fact, the boss should speak last so as not to guide others’ thoughts.

Once a company is scaling, I insist on having its 3-5 “corest” core values codified publicly online, and privately in a employee guidebook.

Annual or quarterly awards recognizing employees who embody core values are a great way to reinforce their importance.

The bad news is that in most organizations, if you ask five employees to articulate the company’s core values, you get five different answers.

Some organizations have not set forth their core values.

Our core values – we care; we seek the best; we are teachable and growth-oriented; we speak to inspire; and we are bold and go-getters – guide everything we do each day, which has led to our success.

Then announce them throughout the organization, and use them in hiring and decision-making.”What behaviors will the company value over making a quick buck?In other words, if a team member chooses to honor the core value over making a sale or saving the company some cost of goods sold (COGS)—will they be rewarded and not reprimanded. Not disclosing a flaw or feature that will not to be that customer’s liking.When is it appropriate to put the needs of the team above those of the customer?Naturally, the company core values are centered on doing good and promoting the arts.

This is only possible if I create a culture of honesty, grace, and fun.

My team is growing and the way that I ensure these values remain intact is by allowing team members to make mistakes, fostering their creativity in problem-solving, and encouraging a little bit of fun every step of the way.