Dating fender tweed amplifiers

26-Dec-2019 21:15

We have been using the "modern" Jensen speakers for almost 20 years now.

They compliment the voice of our Vintage Reissue series amps, the staple product family in our line.

Sometimes, after we have "field tested" a speaker in one of the Limited Edition amps, it can end up being used in regular production.

Our Lacquered Tweed Blues Junior started as a limited edition, and is now part of our regular everyday offering.

Some sources suggest that the Vibrolux is essentially a 5E3 Deluxe with added tremolo.

However, the Vibrolux circuit is much closer to a tremolo’d tweed Harvard.

Despite a re-tweed and a swapped speaker, Ed Oleszko couldn’t resist this ’57 Fender 5E11 Vibrolux when he found it languishing at the back of a guitar shop.

The amp was working and the tone wasn’t bad, but it felt a bit lifeless and underpowered.At trade shows, I've actually met guitarists who collect multiple Fender Limited Edition amps, and they love discussing the merits of various speaker types.We have a saying: So it is important to consider what type of player might be the customer for a particular amp, and the speaker that's inside.He has every intention of gigging this amp, so the priorities were safety and reliability.

He recognised that much of the amp’s originality had already been lost, and so was open to circuit tweaks and modifications if they resulted in improved tone.The serial number and date code on the original mains transformer and potentiometers indicated a manufacturing date of 1957.