Dating fart

05-May-2020 11:53

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You can fart as much as you like and will probably be given a rating out of ten. I don't think I magically fart more these days so I guess we just weren't very open about it before.

On a side note I had to stop myself laughing when I was called into my son's school and told he was using inappropriate language.

This is a courtesy AND a way to stave off embarrassment.

You don’t want to be seen as a secret farter, even to a stranger.

If the wind isn’t in your favor, blame any arising smell on the air.

I remember one time my ex girlfriend was sitting in my lap with her butt on my leg.

We were talking to a friend of mine who was sitting across from us and out of no where she let's out this huge fart that vibrated my leg.

I'm sure I did but I don't remember doing it.

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My husband and I have an open fart policy in our house.

Around age 9-10, I distinctly remember being shocked by my mother farting openly.