Dating an iranian american man

09-Mar-2020 21:36

While it's not confirmed that they're dating, people have fallen in love with him and have taken to stalking his Instagram profile.

ISFAHAN, Iran – In a nation where police arrest, interrogate and force women to make public apologies for posting "un-Islamic" selfies and "promiscuous" videos of themselves dancing on Instagram, Kimia Naderzadeh, 19, is not interested in testing the limits of laws that clearly treat her as vastly inferior to a man.

A young couple in a cafe spoke of how they had recently traveled to a remote rural location in northern Iran for a weekend of secret nude sunbathing, an extremely serious transgression here.

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Naderzadeh wore trendy, cropped black leggings and sandals.

"Showing off your beauty doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show off all your hair, maybe just a little part of it to highlight the color in your face," she said.