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26-Dec-2019 06:26

So the Church should permit half-siblings to marry simply because it used to be done? It’s been well known for a long time that it is not wise for people who are closely related to have children with each other - see the history of royal families, where marriages were often about keeping and consolidating power more than anything, and the strange illnesses and conditions that pop up.

Of course, in some times and places you really have no choice because you’re probably related to everyone in your village and you don’t go much further than that.

yes, consanguinity in the 4th degree is an impediment. However, impediments in that degree of the collateral line can be dispensed, meaning the bishop gave permission in that specific case regarding your parents.

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There would be no canonical impediment to contracting marriage in the Church.

So if I follow correctly, first cousins would be an impediment of consanguinity, but first cousins once removed (i.e. And they were told yes, they can get married, no problem. I cannot imagine that these rules have changed over time, or that they differ from country to country.

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