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06-Feb-2020 07:04

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Also, I’ve yet to meet a drummer who didn’t rock a five o’clock shadow with serious swag. Lugging his guitar from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to the Upper West Side is a workout in itself.

He can lift without ever even having to step foot into the gym.

However, most of my band mates and musician friends basically live on a stack of pizza boxes, whisky, and Muscle Milk. We might be at a party having a great night together, and then I get a song idea and have to lock myself and my instruments (look, sometimes I do bring them with me, you never know) in the bathroom for a while because it's a very good chord progression. It's got to be kind of weird to listen to them, but you're here now and they're not.

I sleep on an awesome bed in a great apartment, full of color and life, and have only vomited on my own floor once and that was years ago and I had the flu. If they are inspired to write something, whatever you're doing has to stop. On some level, you have to think that my band is the best band in the world because we are really great, but also because you're with me and you think really great. Also, why is Smash Mouth your favorite band of all the time? All those songs I played you when we first met couldn't have been about you.

He wrote his own songs and found nothing more romantic than serenading me via Face Time with a new verse or a chorus he was working on. We didn’t work out because some force in this universe insists on ruining all the good d*ck that comes my way.

I, for one, have had nothing but good experiences with musicians. He was a teacher, but also played guitar in a band comprised of him and four friends. He also thought spending hours on his hands and knees was de rigueur, which I understandably appreciated.

In the beginning, this didn’t go over so well with my parents.Still, it made me realize musicians are truly the crème de la crème of the dating pool.Guitarists, violinists, guitar players and, yes, DJs all use their hands as part of their job.It was one thing to have dated musicians, photographers, and painters all through my 20s, but to actually marry a struggling artist was a completely different thing.

(My parents seem to have had forgotten that I’m a freelance writer and not exactly without my own artistic struggles, financial and otherwise.)Still, my choice wasn't a shock — musicians have always been my type.

Yes, there are some downsides to dating a musician, but why harp on those?

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