Dating a guy with diabetes type 1

01-Jun-2020 19:26

It's led to some humorous misunderstandings over the past decade—like when I tell people, “Yeah, I’m high right now,” and I really mean that I have high blood sugar. ) Here’s the thing: You wouldn’t know I was “sick” by looking at me.So when it comes to dating, I like to tell potential BFs about my diabetes early to minimize their surprise (and my anxiety over it, too).Whether this is your spouse of 20 years or a newfound friend, talk to them about your Type 1 diabetes.

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In fact, I’d never been that low before, so I actually woke him up.If you have to make pump adjustments before the event, use it as a laughable excuse to trot out the “slip into something more comfortable” line. If that’s the case, you should develop a routine of where you put it in such situations, preferably away from where it might get knocked over during the festivities.3) Always be prepared.