Dating a codependent man

17-Oct-2020 00:51

They typically blame their husband for the inability to be themselves and become even more entrenched in powerlessness and codependency than before.

I have a friend I went to high school with who was amazing when she was single.

People who are codependent live with deep fears of being abandoned.

As a result, they need to know where their partners are during all times of the day.

What follows are five red flags that may suggest your man is codependent. One of the main hallmarks of a codependent partner is low self-esteem.

It’s important to read them all in context and not focus on just one thing. If your boyfriend is constantly fishing for compliments or regularly looks to you for validation, consider this a strong warning sign.

She was one of those spineless women who eagerly became the man she loved.

So how do you know if you are involved with someone who has this problem? Moreover, what can be done to create positive change?Have you lost yourself in a relationship or know someone who has?