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08-Jul-2020 18:32

The reason for this is depending on how you you merge Data Sets or add rows to a Data Set the Identity column will have a place holder. Those are not replicated down to the Data Sets so we have to do this manually. Add(Parent Constraints); Pay attention to the Update Rule setting for the Foreign Key constraint. Foreign Key Constraint Parent FK = new Foreign Key Constraint("IDFK", My Data Set. This is not very efficient if you have multiple tables that need to be updated. This is very easy using the Merge method in your Destination Data Set, New Data being the Data Set I want to merge into my existing data. Add); Our Data Sets are now merged and ready to be Updated in the new location. The only thing to remember is that the Identity column is marked as Read Only, therefore you can't update it without first changing it.

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Sql Client; private const String CATEGORIES_TABLE = "Categories"; private const String CATEGORYID_FIELD = "Category ID"; private Data Table dt; private Sql Data Adapter da; private Sql Command Builder cb; private String Builder sb; // . Event Args e) private void update Button_Click(object sender, System.

I have tried to get various combinations of setting parameters and update commands to work, but the Database is not getting updated from the new Data Table values. I am hoping someone can tell me what it is I am doing wrong/missing, or what is the correct path to take.

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