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11-Dec-2019 00:15

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“But as the scam develops, there’s a good chance it may include credentials from a fresh breach which would include updated information.” Crouch cautioned people never to pay any scammer.“Once you make that first payment, they will never go away.Highway-based investigator Rick Crouch also reported receiving calls from “15 to 16 people in the Durban area” who had received threatening emails”.“They say they will reveal your adult-website habits and send video of you to your contacts unless you send them Bitcoin, usually 00 or 00 worth.” Crouch said he believed the people who were most worried would be those who thought something they had done could come to light.“Both paid large amounts of money and fear for their safety.

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“These passwords and user names most likely came from a data breach years ago and have been circulating on the internet for some time.

They’re hoping you’re scared enough to believe their story and send them Bitcoin.