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Yuval Ne'eman to establish an Israeli Space Agency with the goal of advancing Israel's space program, unlike the NCSR which was primarily used for feasibility and infrastructure studies.

In July 1983, the ISA was officially founded in Tel Aviv to coordinate the nation's space program in affiliation to the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sport, and Professor Dror Sadeh was nominated to be its Director-General.

In 2010, the budget of the Israel Space Agency was increased to US million to boost the agency's space activities in research and development.

The budget does not include launch vehicle development and most satellite programs.

To date, eleven such satellites in the Ofeq reconnaissance satellites series were developed and launched to Low Earth Orbit.

The most recent, Ofek 11, was launched September 13, 2016. The Amos satellites are by the Israel Aerospace Industries and are operated by Spacecom once in orbit.

But his opinion did not become dominant in the defense department, and in 1984, Defense Minister Moshe Arens insisted on resuming the program.

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For example, Project Venus, a cooperative program by Israel (ISA) and France (CNES) which is set to launch in 2014 has a million budget.The study was completed by late 1980; Saguy requested from prime minister Menachem Begin that the project proceed to its next phase.