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23-Oct-2019 16:41

I provide a safe, supportive space for exploration, processing and healing to occur.

You set the pace and we will work together to find strategies that will help you move towards healing, improved functioning and a better quality of life.

I provide a multicultural perspective to therapy through a warm approach offering guidance, support, insight, and hope for improving overall life - and/or relationship - situation.""I am a Christian Therapist specializing in Brief therapy, Couples in Crisis, and trauma.

As a Christian Therapist I am able to provide licensed professional therapy that includes a sensitive biblical approach that honors my client's spiritual values and acknowledges the healing power of God.""I am a Christian Therapist specializing in Brief therapy, Couples in Crisis, and trauma.

I encourage my clients to discuss what they want to see happen in their life and work with them on developing goals.

I use a combination of family structure, emotional focus and family of origin modes of therapy in my practice.

Does your marriage or relationship feel like it is falling apart and you don't know what to do?

Has your partner been unfaithful and you're not sure if you want to continue with the relationship? I love working with couples to reawaken that passion that seems to be lost.

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I would like to partner with you and/or your child to work through these issues with compassion and empathy.

I feel that therapy for some can be a vulnerable experience, and I honor that.""I feel that therapy can be the opportunity to explore our lives on an emotional and collective level.

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