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21-Feb-2020 03:03

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A Twitter user apparently found this "nice" note taped up around town. It turns out that almost no one feels that way:via @Hell3Quin, @mitchberghini, @Big Hairy Marty, @scatterkeir, @Agent Ann KBut hey, there's hope!

Do you feel safer now knowing this guy is somewhere out there?

Sometimes it helps to know that other people aren't really having a great go of it either.

He buys the book anyway, so while he seems content with his incredibly limited world view, what he truly fears is the wrath of a Target manager watching him destroy product. This choosing beggar expected a nice 50% off birthday discount. Someone on Ask Reddit asked people to share the things that make them just go, "man I f**king hate people." Some people are worse and more inconsiderate than others. Some people really need to stop sending passive aggressive emails. An innocent Tumblr post about how hungry someone must've been when they discovered that coconuts were indeed edible, took a wild turn when someone pointed out how horrid and monstrous looking "coconut crabs" are. Fortunately, the landlord was in fact agnostic, and just messing around with a friend who was "way too easy to rile up." He got her good.Judging by those horrified Twitter responses, there are many men out there who know respect, rather than offering to "crush the life" out of someone, is the best way to make a woman feel safe.Okay, 1) a relationship between an illiterate tween and a grammar nazi would never last long anyway, 2) I find it interesting that the grammar nazi doesn't care so much about punctuation, as the ex gf has missed several commas and apostrophes, 3) so the ex gf was in her boyfriend's house without his being there?She was hoping to get the purse half off, and the artist had other plans.

Specifically, they clapped back with adding the discount back on, so that the item was at its original price.

But instead, she found him ready to face her with shameless wit, which was met with widespread approval and respect from others on Twitter. Unless you're the recipient and you weren't seriously looking for someone to Netflix and chill with, it's hilarious to witness. It seems that dating today relies on the ability to think of (or look up) witty puns quickly, so if you don't have your A game with words, forget about it.

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