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“I always said that there was no better job than playing basketball for a living and getting paid to play,” Parker said.“But second is being paid to talk about basketball, and that meant a lot to me.” —– There are hard days, and easier days.She understands she’s not going to be able to play the rest of her life, but I would be shocked if she ever just totally wanted to get out of basketball, she does a heck of a job commentating, like I said, she knows the game.” For Parker, however, coaching is not something she sees in her own future, and the flexibility of broadcasting can help minimizing the time away from Lailaa.This offseason, Parker provided commentary during Turner’s broadcast of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, as Parker sat alongside the likes of Seth Davis, Brendan Haywood and Greg Gumbel throughout the coverage.“I wish she was a part of USA Basketball, because I think she could help us win the gold medal in the World Cup and the Olympic Games. But if she doesn’t want to do it, I can’t force her.” Would Parker consider swallowing her pride and readying for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo? “For me it feels like I wasn’t handled in the correct way, and for me, as a role model for my daughter, I can’t go back to that,” she added. before the final Sparks home game of the season against the New York Liberty, and Candace Parker and her teammates have just finished shoot-around, going over plays and sequences to prepare for the p.m. As the longest-tenured player on the Sparks, and the unquestioned leader of a squad littered with championship talent, this routine is normal — both for Parker and Lailaa.After she is finished with shoot-around, Parker hopped in her burnt orange and silver Tesla — custom made with Tennessee colors — and drove home to spend quality time with Lailaa, and relax before a game.

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In addition to the Team USA debacle, Parker and the father of her child, Shelden Williams, separated in 2016.As Parker noted, the most challenging thing about being a mother is leaving the difficult moments behind her when she pulls into her driveway with the Tesla, and finding mother mode.

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