Can college students dating professors christian dating video

06-Oct-2019 14:54

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They didn’t pull any tricks, or engage in clandestine practices.

Skim the headlines: Teacher busted for kiddie porn. The couples I know didn’t date until well afterward.

So do students, doctors, engineers, lawyers, dental hygienists, and any other kind of person.

In other words, there is nothing about being a professor that disqualifies one from using dating apps (or that makes one a special kind of human being in any other way, contrary to what seems to be the popular belief on this site at least).

Teachers face all kinds of risks when they’re not dancing in music videos. That happened to one teacher who posted “too many” workout photos. Every day, some teacher gets in trouble because students dig into their smartphones looking for nudes. Executive producers can make a killing off the trope of sexy teacher. A male student joked about giving her a spanking, and setting a sterner curfew. We’re paid squat, but half the country thinks we should be carrying firearms to protect their kids. Sometimes, I’ll share just enough to make myself look normal. And if any of them do stumble across my profile, they’d better not bring it up in class.

A friend of mine didn’t think anything about her flirty students. One day, she showed up eight minutes late for class. And if I don’t care about those things, and keep the focus on their future, it’ll show. Double standard or not, we live in a culture that shoulders unfair levels of responsibility on educators. I don’t tell them anything along the lines of what appears on my blog.

Maybe he was going to ask me for a deadline extension.

His opening line was, “The thing is, I find you incredibly attractive.

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One colleague narrowly escaped being fired after he invited a student to his house and tried to make out with her over cappuccinos and biscotti. A few friends of mine married former students from their undergrad seminars. Seems like anytime I write about sex, I wind up coming to the same general conclusions. When nobody’s looking, we have normal consensual sex and drink alcohol.

He said his fondness wouldn’t become a discipline issue.

Told Student Affairs that I hit on him, or encouraged him. One time, a student in my friend’s class took a direct approach. So he knocked on her door and invited her over for casual sex. Imagine finding a former student or professor on Tinder.

Now, students and teachers have even more ways to get into trouble.

We’re talking about legal issues, ethics, and HR policy.

One guy even created a fake account to give himself one. Pop culture and entertainment still celebrate the sexy teacher.