Can adolescent dating violence be prevented through school based programs

22-Sep-2020 18:05

Similar strategies may be well suited to reducing PDV because violence prevention benefits most youths and may be enhanced if delivered along with messages that pertain to related risk behaviors that occur in a relational context, such as sexual activity and substance use.Because boys and girls both report perpetration of dating violence during this period of development, it is also appropriate to target universal intervention efforts to both sexes, taking into account developmental and gendered aspects of violence in adolescent relationships faced by youths of today.Conflict resolution skills (rights and responsibilities when ending a relationship) 7.

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Adolescent dating violence is linked to numerous individual, peer, family, and sociocultural risk factors, which makes identification and treatment on the basis of individual risk factors nonfeasible and prevention more fitting.Focus on healthy sexuality (review of sexuality, myths clarified) 2.

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