Cameron diaz and matthew morrison dating

05-Mar-2020 19:18

that harp back to his theatrical beginnings, his new musical offering will show a more grown-up side to Matthew. Online sat down with the actor/singer/dancer to chat all things , it never felt as authentic. I mean, the show is called , but she brought even more glee! I mean, if that's what people think about you, then that's great. Obviously you want to have fans, so you can have a career and make music, and hope people will like your music.

This second album is the album I always wanted to make – these are the songs I love singing and this is the music I was singing from a young age. I love 50s and 60s music and a lot of the music on this album is from those decades, combined with a contemporary spin. The ballads, for example, I like to make them a bit more up tempo and bright – I want to show there's a big dance element to my shows. She gets a bad rep sometimes, but I think there's a jealousy thing to it because she is the nicest human being. ' so yeah it was pretty funny and she remembered that. I think there is nothing more romantic than going on a horseback ride with the person you love and just enjoying the beautiful animals and scenery.

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We had so much fun doing the show and we still maintain a great friendship out of that. But the way they filmed it, it was actually a room that rotated and it never stayed still. Most people don't know Helen Mirren was on Dance is where my true passion lies… I'd love to be a dad but I'm not rushing into that – I'd definitely like to be married before I have children.

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"They break up and get back together all the time," notes a source close to Diaz and A-Rod, who parted ways in October because "they needed some space." Maybe they got too much space and couldn't resist each other?

‘s Matthew Morrison, meanwhile A-Rod was seen partying it up in Vegas with a bunch of Romanian models, “chatting up a storm with the girls and spent the night hanging out with them.” Another source said, “Cameron and A-Rod are no longer dating and have definitely parted ways.

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