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28-Jun-2020 17:23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kathy Ta is the biggest gold digger in calgary with dds she comes to vancouver and sits at the the tables with rich males.She is disgusting and has been tossed around all of calgary and vancouver.Cerato laughs stating; “I know that it is all lies- I write it to cover my tracks and damage their reputations”.The Cerato Dirty Crew want to spread as much falsehoods as possible, in order to deflect their scams from themselves.A Police complaint was also filed against Cerato for uttering threats towards a group who spoke out against his actions.

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Upon further investigation, Cerato has a criminal record dating back to 1996 which includes some of the following: unlawful confinement, assault, housebreaking, commit-threats (2 counts) unlawfully harass/stalk, 2 breaches of recognizance, driving without license, and dangerous driving.

There is apparently now a m Statement of Claim against Cerato for his defamation, threats and crypto scams.

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