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Then he adds, quickly and urgently, as if eager to clarify: "I love this life, it's amazing. "Anybody that ever picked up a guitar and says they didn't imagine playing a song in front of thousands of screaming people is a liar.

Nobody just sat down and said, 'I've gotta bare my soul and be an artist.' I'm not afraid to admit what I want."The 25-year-old resembles an unlikely mix of two of his musical heroes, the cripplingly introverted Morrissey and bullishly extrovert Bono, both of whom he namechecks in a homily to the "prime era for music" – the much-maligned 1980s."My brother's 13 years older.

Their new single Bones (released next week) is a typically brash, ear-snatching confection that is actually about a fear of sex. I lived my life that way."He is smart enough to understand that, in his chosen field, neuroses are not necessarily a drawback.

"In high school I wouldn't say I was unlovable or untouchable – but nobody wanted to! "I didn't kiss a girl till I was 19, so I was deathly afraid of it, and I think that still exists in my brain."By his own admission, Flowers is highly neurotic.

Brandon is also a practicing Mormon and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He and his family are featured in a promotional video on the church's website.

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Without Las Vegas, I would be a wreck." Flowers responded to an ad that Dave Keuning had placed in the Las Vegas Weekly in late 2001, whereupon they became the Killers.

BRANDON Flowers is the incredible lead singer of the Vegas-based indie rock band The Killers.