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And this one is a nice list with some good pictures on it. (1963) I haven't heard this song, I lifted this description from the web. It looks like a car crash and somebody dies, but I can't be bothered to figure out the story and who dies and all that. It is off their second album which wasn't as great as their first one, still it is pretty good. I know the song, although I was never a Kiss fanatic like a lot of my other friends at the time. this couple flee from their parents in an old car because her father and his mother disapprove of their relationship. It seems like a suicide song to me, but apparently the video has a car crash in it. Another reader suggested one that I've never heard. Some guy's best friend takes his girl for a joy ride and has a rather gruesome encounter with some sort of dead man's curve, and the rescue team could still hear Freebird playing much later. - A motorcycle wreck on the highway song with the grieving girlfriend and all they found at the end was his clothes. Lyrics Reader's comment: "is one of the earliest examples of the genre that I've encountered.Wondered why the heck my inbox was full of suggestions for new songs this morning (15 Sept 2007). Not really about love, unless you consider loving your car a true love sort of thing. He enters a stock car race to win money to buy her a ring, and of course it ends badly. Apparently an answer song to Tell Laura I Love Her from the point of view of Laura. One of them, Two Hour Honeymoon/Creams (Dot ) circa 1963, was a maudlin yet strangely effective rumination after a car crash where he talks to his girlfriend as he knows he's dying, set over a sleazy jazz track." Looks like it is Burt Bacharach who wrote it. Lyrics Ernie ( The Fastest Milkman In The West) - by Benny Hill (1971). But oh well, racing milk carts for the love of the widow. It is absolutely my favorite of the genre, not at all maudlin or affected or corny. One night a careless asshole in an SUV veers too close and she gets dead. I think Penelope Houston was pretty young when they wrote this. Not sure about this one, since I've never heard it. ", followed by the sound of a coffin lid creaking open, and the chorus "I got my baby back"."" Two Hour Honeymoon - by Paul Hampton. Although, I'm a bit confused as to what exactly what is going on in here. I looked up Spahn Ranch too, it looks like the Manson gang used it as a hangout and it was used as a film location by early adult films. But anyways, you know, just reading the lyrics is really boring. I'm not sure, there is a bit of sex and car crashes. Dealing with the subject matter hot in the news at the time, teenage runaways. Link (Robert Mitchum is pretty cool, you have to see The Night of the Hunter, now there's a psycho film.) Lyrics Teen Tragedy Medley - The Dovells. There is no reason in the world anybody should ever have to hear this, but if you feel the need, WFMU has the entire album posted on their website. It has one of my favorite death-song lines of all time in it: 'One day he'll know how hard I prayed for him to live....'" Black Denim Trousers - by The Diamond.

However, in Nick Cave's version, Billy Dilly seems possibly young enough to be a teen and it was over Nellie Brown too, so there is the whole love (ok, lust in this case) angle. It's the classic man finds out wife has cheated on him, gets his gun and goes to kill the men she slept with, but with a twist, someone has beat him to the dirty deed! Great line "I Shot her down because she made me sore, I thought I was her daddy, but she had 5 more" Lyrics Excitable Boy by Warren Zevon (1976). Rubbing pot roast on his chest, biting usherettes on the leg, well, and then killing his prom date and digging her up years later once he got out of the mental institution. Rather creepy though, hits her with a stick and then throws her in the river. And more Elvis, this might be the next step after Alison, somebody calmly waiting for the evidence of their murder to be uncovered. Apparently the rest of the Beatles hated every moment they had to spend on it in the Abbey Road sessions). I can't bring myself to look through them too closely, proceed at your own risk at becoming overly morose. Just heard this one on the Blair Witch 2 soundtrack, sounds like the movie sucked though. It may or may not be somewhat like the Think song above. I guess it is supposed to be from the kid's point of view as they party on and destroy things while dad is sleeping and then the parent hears at the end about the overdose. It does say he is a swell kid, or something like that, so I think the age is correct though. Lyrics Where Have All The Flowers Gone - by Pete Seeger and then a bunch of others (1961). More of a general song about young men being sent off to war to die and the ones they leave behind. I mean, WMD, what's wrong with you people, how can you fall for all of that. Clothesline Saga (Answer to Ode) But supposedly at one time, the song made more sense.

"Texas chain saw massacre, they took my baby away from me.. Lyrics (All I Have Left Is) My Johnny's Hubcap - by the Deltones. He would still be alive if he hadn't waved going around that last corner. I don't think he actually dies though, he just has to get a lot of blood. I guess he embodies teenage rebel pretty well and he did love his car (to the death). The reader said For country kids like me, going to the State Fair was a huge event, highly anticipated. In the song, Calvin is killed by a drunk driver on the way to the State Fair.

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