Book about christian dating

30-Sep-2019 22:52

Its practical counsel and friendly tone will guide single women to balanced, godly lives. It is how we live our lives and not whether we live them with another person that matters most to God.

Here is a practical and wise guide for those alone in life.

But it will help you to be content, whatever your situation.

It will help you to realize what God's purpose is for your life, and it will bring you peace and joy and hope for the future.

She understands how frustrations, desires, and longings can lead to mistakes and offers practical, biblical solutions.

As a single woman herself, Mary Whelchel is familiar with the pitfalls that ensnare single people.

By Dana Anders, Chris Conti, Nathan Clement, Lana Trent Can you really be single and content? Single and Content, instead, offers candid conversation about the authors' own lives as singles and intersperses first-hand stories gathered from Christian music artists such as Avalon, Rich Mullins, Heather Floyd from Point of Grace, and Jeff Frankenstein from the Newsboys, all addressing the issues of singleness.

By Roberta Rand This book has been a real breath of fresh air.By Jane Graver The conversational prayer meditations are straight from the heart, honest and hopeful.