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21-Dec-2019 12:07

I don't think i've ever seen a successful black dude, with a fat white girl.

This is why they get mad and call them mudshark or something. Honestly I think half the reason most white sluts **** black dudes is because its seen as ... Not like skin color has **** all to do with anything. Idk where you guys are located at, but here on the west coast, i see black dudes with fit white girls, asians, and latinas, all the time.

Of course every woman likes healthy flirting and Black men are certainly good in that.

Maybe those girls hate their father or think it's "cool" to be with a black guy. All the meth heads out there reflect poorly on white guys... If anything that reflects poorly on the white girl, that her self esteem is so low that she lets a dude use her for cash and a place to stay. Me personally i don't care about my girlfriend's past or who she's been with, as long as she's std free we're good.Bookmark and get back soon to check out the gems we add.

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