Autistic gay dating

13-Oct-2019 15:51

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And, currently, there is no known cause of the condition – just as there is much debate about the biological characteristics of sexuality and gender issues.While a lot of queer people are proud of who they are, there are others who struggle to come to terms with and understand their identity daily.It is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way someone makes sense of the world and communicates with the people around them.Related: What it’s like to deal with mental health issues when you’re LGBT The condition impacts social interaction, communication, personal interests and behaviour.Autistic self-advocacy organizations, which are led and run by autistics, are a key force in the movement for autistic acceptance and autistic pride.There’s no denying the fact that coming out or identifying as queer can be difficult in a plethora of ways.I have a friend with Aspergers and he's doing well on the dating scene.It's one of those things that's different for each individual.

For instance, according to Larry Arnold and Gareth Nelson, many autism-related organizations promote feelings of pity for parents, rather than fostering understanding Autistic activists have contributed to a shift in attitudes away from the notion that autism is a deviation from the norm that must be treated or cured.

For example, while I would theoretically be open to dating someone with autism, I use a lot of subtle communication e.g. Well I'm autistic myself so it''d be pretty shitty of me not to date my own kind.

word choice, intonation, facial expressions, hand gestures, irony, and sarcasm. I obviously don't have a problem outright but despite being an aspie myself, I'm very sensitive and I notice that we tend to not have filters, which means I'm liable to get hurt rather often. I'm not into to him, but I think I could potentially date someone on the spectrum.

If you have to tell someone you're on the autism spectrum chances are they'll just say "I never would have known" that's my reaction when my boyfriend told me.

As for gay guys with Aspergers you have nothing to worry about.For me, my autism is more mild, I have Asperger's, but I still have difficulty understanding others' behavior and tend to misinterpret communications.