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BING: HER SURPRISING ROLE IN A GRITTY '70s FILM Isaiah Mustafa is also known as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, a shirtless Don Juan pushing Old Spice body wash.The commercial was a smash hit and won a big award in 2010.The late Clara Peller bellowed the line, "Where's the beef?" Long before there were "memes," this unforgettable '80s Wendy's catchphrase was a pop-culture sensation.

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Little Max Page's attempts to harness "The Force" charmed viewers, though the actor later confessed he'd never even seen "Star Wars." BING: WHAT SOAP OPERA IS HE ON?

Though we know their iconic faces and taglines, we know so little about the actors behind TV's most memorable commercials.

Get to know more about the spokespeople selling you insurance, fast food, mobile plans and more. In the '80s, guys hoped all it would take to snag a drop-dead gorgeous woman like her would be to slip into a pair of these now-extinct jeans. But actor Ben Curtis' indiscretion cost him a job with the computer giant. Stephanie Courtney, the actress known as perpetually perky insurance employee Flo, spent time in the Groundlings comedy troupe before snagging the role that made her famous.

For 27 years, Madge the Manicurist famously soaked her salon customers' hands in Palmolive dish soap.

Before pulling the soft skin switcheroo, the late Jan Miner had a busy career in radio, early TV shows and theater.This is the same woman, although older than her appearance on the commonly viewed education commercials.