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The withdrawal of Japanese forces in October 1922 spelt the end of the enclave, with Ieronim Uborevich's Red Army taking the city on 25 October 1922.As the main naval base of the Soviet Pacific Fleet, Vladivostok was officially closed to foreigners during the Soviet years.Vladivostok was first named in 1859 along with other features in the Peter the Great Gulf area by Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky.The name first applied to the bay but, following an expedition by Alexey Shefner in 1860, was applied to the new settlement.Owing to the influence of the Siberian High, winters are far colder than a latitude of 43 degrees north should warrant given its low elevation and coastal location, with a January average of −12.3 °C (9.9 °F).Since the maritime influence is strong in summer, this results in a relatively cold annual climate given said latitude.

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Located in the extreme South East of Asian Russia, Vladivostok is geographically closer to Anchorage, Alaska and even Darwin, Australia than it is to the nation's capital of Moscow.In fact, Vladivostok is closer to Honolulu, Hawaii than to the Russian city of Sochi.

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