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Our skilled Technicians not only invalidated the patents, but contributed extensive knowledge to the existing technology.

We are constantly improving our ability to do things with fabrics through this technology that our competitors have not yet dreamed of.

Industrial...fatigue matting, oil absorption, vinyl substrates and fluid transfer.

Our Needle-punch Nonwoven, decorative felts come in various weights and structures such as flat-punch, velour, and patterned.Delaware Valley has been able to develop fabrics that solve specific needs and to work hand in hand with potential customers to rapidly solve their requirements for functional fabrics.Delaware Valley Corporation maintains a family-owned heritage of providing custom-designed Nonwoven fabrics for the automotive, industrial, marine, medical, construction, RV, and truck & bus industries.It would be a non-allergenic cushioning material to be placed next to the skin without creating irritation or itching, while functioning as part of the reinforcement media for the cast.

The Needle Punch fabric was also to serve as the carrier of the active ingredients of the casting polymer, thus also serving as the outer packaging of the finished composite.Automotive Fabrics are only one aspect of our portfolio of nonwoven and needle-punch textiles, though they have been instrumental in developing our rapid response mentality and custom design nonwoven fabric knowledge base.