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29-Jul-2020 20:45

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I get that nagging feeling that feels a lot like when I know I am supposed to do something but can't remember what it is and that makes me feel in trouble. The rest of the time I feel quite content and triumphant like I've found the secret recipe to a long and happy life a bit like when you discover a glitch in a system that allows you to order things online for free but you don't tell anyone else for fear of ruining it for yourself (never actually happened to me). My name is not single, I do not become "single", it's nothing but a socially constructed status, it is not an identity or something that you are or contract like a decease or a condition. I have a diamond ring and I slip in and out of my finger every night before I go to bed. ), always celebrating my friends' life choices which are the choices condoned and validated by society.Most of the men in London are so tired of being with non-Algerian ladies so they are looking now for exotic beauty and ladies that makes sense every time they talk about something.