Adult sex chat payment Sex webcam through paypal

25-Aug-2020 11:50

There are options to get money emailed to you through gmail / google pay, and now facebook cash, and similar methods – however, I would not create a business plan around that – as these systems may not let you do it for adult related businesses, or they may for a while and then revoke the account at a later time.There is also little known about how they plan to report the money sent and received to authorities like tax places and such – certainly a sticky situation compared to someone sending you some bitcoin or monero / zcash for example.The different ways of getting paid online all have their good sides and bad.

Bitcoin is not anonymous – there are methods that can be used to minimize worldwide knowledge of your transactions through bitcoin.Mixers charge a percentage to do that, and even then, there is a worldwide shared log of the addresses that bitcoins go to.

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