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19-Sep-2020 07:35

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My underwear was pretty sweaty when I got to his office.But, his professionalism of understanding removed my embarrassment.It is something I learned that the frenum fails to mature in guys who were circumcised at birth. No penile skin in a "high and tight" circumcision would cover the glans when the penis is completely flaccid.I agreed that it would be the most pleasant look when the glans is always exposed.He pinched the amount of foreskin that he suggested removing, along with the recommendation of removing the frenum, which attaches the foreskin to the bottom of the glans.

It is basically a technique that uses a scalpel to freehand cut around the foreskin covering the shaft after making a vertical dorsal cut with a scissor starting from the tip of head past the corona.

After filling out several pages of papers, the 15 minute wait in the waiting room seem like hours.

Finally, the assistant called and led me to an examination room.

I was comfortable with the explanation when he left for his preparation.

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The assistant soon came in and introduced himself as Anders.The fact that I was not circumcised affected me a lot.

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